Siegfried & Roy: The Original Tiger Kings

Las Vegas is a glamorous playground for spectacle and seeing the impossible, and none signified that more than groundbreaking illusionists Siegfried and Roy. Renowned for blending magic with their astonishing killer-cat interactions, their act set a new high bar for live show entertainment resulting in millions of tickets sold and billions of dollars made. But life in the ultra-exotic world of Siegfried and Roy may not have always been what it seemed, as the magicians lived by the art of illusion off stage as well painstakingly crafting myths about their relationships with their tigers and even with each other. Then after building that empire based on smoke, mirrors and giant cats, Siegfried and Roy’s longstanding world of illusions was destroyed by one fateful onstage encounter with a rogue tiger in front of a sold-out audience. That horrific attack shocked the world, unleashed a torrent of wild conspiracy theories and forever redefined their legacy. Helping to tell the story of Siegfried and Roy is tiger expert Terry Gilley, world renowned illusionist Rick Thomas and longtime Las Vegas reporter Steve Friess.

Produced for Reelz.