Ma’s Roadhouse

What do politician Ross Perot, Heisman winner Herschel Walker, the Bud bikini girls, tattoo artists, and a 70 year-old chain smoker have in common? They all hang out at Strokers, a huge biker bar in the Lone Star State that’s unlike any other.

Ma’s Roadhouse provides an inside look at Strokers, a motorcycle shop, a bar, and a tattoo parlor all owned and operated by Rick Fairless, his mom, his wife, and their five children. The long-haired hippy is a 52-year old Willie Nelson look-alike who never missed a day of work in his life, shows up at the gym every day at 5 AM, and drives a tie-dyed suburban that his wife hates. With icons like Janis Joplin and Jerry Garcia, it’s no wonder he keeps a fun, energetic, easy-going workplace…until you screw up. Then, Rick is hell on wheels.

Produced for truTV