Lorena: Escaping Bobbitt

After Lorena Bobbitt snapped and cut off her husband John Wayne Bobbitt’s penis with a kitchen knife in 1993, the extensive abuse she had endured from him seemed to sail into that empty field along with the infamous severed organ. Her trauma would barely be an afterthought of the sordid story in the eyes of the public. In Lorena: Escaping Bobbitt, candid revelations from Lorena detail her life inside the hurricane of national attention. And a powerful one-on-one conversation with Amanda Knox enables Lorena to compare the most dramatic kind of notes with another woman who had her life hijacked and redefined by a media frenzy. In addition to Lorena being transparent about the abuse she suffered during her marriage, she also reveals that John continues to harass her. Decades after the crime that launched a million punchlines, Lorena is now reclaiming her narrative by giving a powerful voice to the traumatic parts of her story that the media and public largely ignored. The world is finally beginning to truly understand that there were two victims in the apartment that night and her story is one of survival and transformation. There was much more to the Bobbitt saga than what the tabloids and late-night comics made people believe. And there’s so much more to the woman at the heart of all the cheap jokes and bitter drama.

Produced for Reelz.