Journey: A Voice Lost…And Found

Journey dominated the American music scene in the 1970s and 1980s with their epic arena rock anthems and power ballads. Frontman Steve Perry was dubbed “The Voice” thanks to the untouchable vocal stylings that burned up the radio waves and made him a household name. But the bigger Journey became, the more miserable Perry grew. He was the rare rock superstar who craved anonymity more than applause. Then, at the height of the band’s success, Perry did the unthinkable quitting Journey. That alone should’ve been an absolute death knell for a band so defined by a single voice. But Journey’s other longtime members refused to give up the dream and brought in a new singer to keep the music going. Fans were livid that anyone would dare to try to fill Perry’s shoes. Shows were played in empty houses and threats were even made against the band. When that replacement singer didn’t work out, desperation forced the band to turn to YouTube for the most unlikely inspiration. Journey members Jonathan Cain and Deen Castronovo are joined by former members Jeff Scott Soto and Narada Michael Walden, as well as Sirius/XM radio personality Eddie Trunk and former Journey producer Kevin Elson to tell the band’s amazing tale.

Produced for Reelz.