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New Special ‘Golden Girls: Ageless’ Premieres in March

[via press release from REELZ]

REELZ today announced its March 2021 premieres with new original stories about Marilyn Monroe, the beloved TV show The Golden Girls, a submarine thriller and two true crime villains. New original special Golden Girls: Ageless narrated by Valerie Bertinelli celebrates the sitcom that made its own rules telling the story of four women over 50 sharing a raucous, loving and hilarious bond and the show’s remarkable pop culture power that soars decades after the show ended.

Golden Girls: Ageless narrated by Valerie Bertinelli premieres Saturday, March 13 at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT. Throughout seven years of cheesecake, risqué quips and massive laughs The Golden Girls was TV’s unlikeliest smash hit. Pairing three seasoned acting pros and one small-screen newbie with impeccable writing resulted in a sitcom that took the TV world by storm in the late ’80s shattering senior citizen stereotypes and providing hilarious inspiration and empowerment to generations of viewers. Narrated by Valerie Bertinelli, Golden Girls: Ageless celebrates the iconic show’s perfect cast and ability to take on complex subject matter that was far beyond sitcom fodder at the time tackling mental health, alcoholism, and homelessness all while never losing its potent and signature sense of humor. The special also examines off screen hurdles including star Estelle Getty’s heartbreaking battle with dementia and the simmering headbutting between stars Bea Arthur and Betty White. Viewers will also learn about incredible fandom surrounding the sitcom that continues to grow like wildfire decades after the show premiered. Sharing their stories of The Golden Girls are its famed director Terry Hughes, writer Stan Zimmerman and Getty’s son Carl Gettleman among others. Golden Girls: Ageless is produced by AMS Pictures.

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