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Why You Should be Watching “Murder Made Me Famous”

If you’re not already watching “Murder Made Me Famous” on REELZ, according to an article from TV Overmind, you should be!

The documentary series, which examines murder cases that gained widespread publicity, is currently in its third season. A variety of cases have been featured, including Jodi Arias, Scott Peterson, Charles Manson, Robert Durst, and David Koresh. The series intermingles recreations, archival material and interviews with those close to the cases to provide an intimate view of the crimes and how they affected the victims, as well as the public. The effects of many of these cases continue linger, even years after the trials and convictions are finalized.

New episodes are currently airing Saturday evenings at 9 ET|8 CST. For additional listings, visit the REELZ television schedule.