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The Return of “Dallas Car Sharks”

AMS Pictures is pleased to announce its series Dallas Car Sharks, which follows the high stakes cutthroat world of car flipping, returns for its sophomore season on April 2nd @10PM EST on Velocity! The competition heats up for JD, Martha, Ash and Tommy this season as they step out of their comfort zones to up the ante. They’ll bid on everything from classic rust buckets, seatless sportsters and vintage bikes to Pre-War World II vans, 4X4s and straight up all-American muscle cars.

Filming for Season 2 began in October of 2013, and continued through early Spring of 2014. Behind the scenes, cast and crew battled an unusually long and cold Texas winter that sent temperatures below freezing for more days than they’d like to count. One January auction took place as temperatures dipped into the low 20s. During filming, crews were also treated to crystal blue skies and gorgeous sunsets, the kind you can only get in the Lone Star State.

Through it all,  the Sharks and AMS Pictures crew did what they do best, and that’s bring you amazing car transformations that’ll earn the Sharks big bucks, in some cases anyway! It’s a season where, more than ever, anything goes and coming out ahead is never a guarantee.

On behalf of the crew, we hope you enjoy watching the season two of Dallas Car Sharks as much as we did, bringing it to you on the small screen.

Our sophomore season premieres April 2nd on Velocity @10PM EST!