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Velocity Announces New Series “Dallas Car Sharks”

Velocity has officially announced the new AMS Pictures-produced series DALLAS CAR SHARKS!

The series will allow viewers to take a peek into the ultracompetitive world of car flipping, where money moves fast and mouths move faster. The thrill of the bid fuels the betting, but sometimes that prize car can turn out to be a real lemon.

Each episode of DALLAS CAR SHARKS will follow larger-than-life dealers as they fight through the bidding wars. But once won, the real work begins for these car sharks. Hoping they’ve gambled on the right vehicle, the sharks must get down and dirty to discover what’s really under the hood.

DALLAS CAR SHARKS will premiere on Tuesday, July 23 at 8:30pm ET/PT. Read the full press release from Velocity for the complete schedule and episode descriptions.