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Season Two of “You Live in What?” Premieres on HGTV

AMS Pictures brings you the second season of HGTV‘s home conversion show, You Live in What? Featuring homes that have been created from other existing structures, this program will challenge viewers’ concept of what makes a building a “house.” Where others saw an old, run-down barn or warehouse, these homeowners envisioned a potential living space for their families.

What makes these home conversions so amazing is the history of the structures themselves. And some have quite the history, such as a famous New Orleans Brothel and a World War II Bunker. Other homes used to be modes of transportation including a bus and a plane. And one woman made her home in what used to be an underground bathroom!

You Live in What? premieres Sunday, March 10, at 7PM CST on HGTV. To see the full upcoming schedule, visit HGTV’s show page here. You won’t want to miss these incredible transformations from old, historic structures to modern, luxurious homes!