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The life of baseball writer Zack Hample seems to focus around numbers. He currently holds the record for the most baseballs snagged as a non-player, which as of this writing, totals a whopping 6,459 balls. Zack also holds the high score record for the videogame Arkanoid (1,658,110 to be exact).

On a recent Home, Strange Home shoot at Zack’s Upper West Side apartment in New York, he showed us how the walls are covered from floor to ceiling with over 1,600 magazine pages. Likewise, his half bathroom is plastered with 1,976 business cards, and his living room contains exactly 132 pillows! Rounding out the numbers madness is Zack’s rubber band ball, something that he’s been working on since he was four years old. This behemoth ball now weighs over 250 pounds!