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Going to the Movies

Sometimes going to a movie theater can be drag, what with yammering kids, 3-D upcharges, and stale popcorn (not to mention the nuclear “butter” they drizzle over said popcorn).  Luckily, the Home Strange Home crew had a much better movie-going experience on a recent shoot in El Paso, Texas.  The former Pershing Theater, which showed films from 1939-1989, has been transformed into an incredible home.  Owned by photographer Marty Snortum and custom boot designer Nevena Christi, the place still has a lot of mementos from its movie theater days on display,  But Marty and Nevena have also added some wonderfully fun touches to it as as well.  A kids room designed to look like a rocketship, a master bedroom full of snow skis and statues of Canadian Mounties (in keeping with the thought “If you think cool, you’ll stay cool”), and what has to be one of the largest tiki collections in the world are just a few of them.  We had a blast shooting the place, and best of all, we didn’t have to deal with anyone texting during this theater-going experience.