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While en route to a location in Berkeley, California, the Home, Strange Home crew had their eyes peeled for a certain home, and when we saw it, there was no question we’d arrived at the right place.

Tucked between two conventional homes is one that looks more like a creature from another world. Though originally dubbed Ojo Del Sol, aka “The Eye of the Sun,” the home has become more affectionately known as “The Fish House.” Designed by architect, former Olympic gymnast, and Super Middleweight boxer Eugene Tsui, the home’s inspiration was the tardigrade, a tiny yet formidable creature that can withstand almost anything. One area of the home that definitely stood up to a force of nature – at least of a different kind – was the ramp. Host Chuck Nice said he couldn’t help himself and then zoomed up the ramp yelling like a little kid. Chuck said he’s been wanting to do that since he was young.