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Luna Parc Leaves Us Speechless

The great thing about working on Home, Strange Home is just when you think you can’t be surprised, there’s another jaw-dropping house around the bend.

Luna Parc is a private residence in New Jersey’s hill country owned by the artist who created it. Let’s just say that if Willy Wonka swapped chocolate for cracked tiles, wine corks and bottles – THIS would be his next home!

The crew and I drove two hours from the Newark Airport to Montague just east of High Point State Park – and with every mile the landscape became more beautiful.  We pulled into a gravel driveway and crossed a tiny wooden bridge shrouded with a natural tree canopy.  The other side revealed a tall, orange windmill and a dangling blue iron sign that read, “Welcome to Luna Parc.” Not that there was any doubt we had arrived. In the middle of a huge, sculpture garden was a rainbow-hued, six story home fit for the Mad Hatter.  The inside is an even crazier kaleidoscope of created and collected art and dare I say… it’s indescribable. There were times when our chatty host Chuck Nice was actually speechless! Just wait until you see the interior beauty shots from our 5D camera and the amazing exterior crane shots from our new Pole Cam.