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Welcome to the City of Roses…and Rain!

The Home Strange Home crew recently returned from a week-long shoot in Portland, Oregon, and in addition to three incredibly unique homes, the local weather also played a starring role. Since most of the crew hails from Texas, which has been suffering from drought conditions for many months, the rain that greeted us when we touched down was a welcome sight. However, that rain soon proved to be a challenge for the entire week.


At our three locations – a one-of-a-kind home tucked away on a hillside, a multi-level home that gives its owner a soaring view of the Willamette River, and a historic Pullman Railcar that’s been turned into a hip-looking residence – we had to contend with pouring rain. While this was relatively easy to do inside the homes, it was impossible when we tried to capture shots of downtown Portland. We’d get drenched, race back to the van and wait for the rain to stop, move on when it didn’t, and then en route to our locations, the sun would peek out from the clouds. Just when we thought “Hey, maybe now we should get downtown shots,” the rain would start up again. It was almost as if the weather was taunting us.

Luckily, we were blessed with gorgeous weather the last day of our shoot, and we used it to our advantage when shooting exterior intros with host Chuck Nice. It seemed like we’d finally escaped the rainy weather. However, that night after dinner, the crew and Chuck walked out of a restaurant into – yep, you guessed it – another pouring rainstorm.