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Desert Dwellings and Downtown Castles

The Home Strange Home crew recently spent several days in New Mexico shooting segments in very disparate environments  The first part of the shoot found us in the high desert mesa outside of Taos, where we spent time in two different examples of Earthship biotecture.  “What’s an Earthship?” you might ask?  They’re sustainable homes built of recycled materials that are powered by solar and wind power.  No two are alike, and they all reflect the distinct design styles of their owners.

Most of the crew stayed for a few nights in The Phoenix, the Earthship Community’s flagship home.  At first glance, it reminded some of us of Luke Skywalker’s home from the original Star Wars, and with vistas that included the occasional dust devil blowing throughout the surrounding miles of desert, not to mention eye-popping views of the nearby Sangre de Cristo mountains, it did indeed feel otherworldly.

Our final shoot in Albuquerque had the exact opposite feel, but the location was no less unique.  It was a modern “castle,” but one built within the heart of downtown.  From desert dwellings to downtown castles, there’s never a dull moment – or location – working on this series!