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Screen-Free Week: An Update

Screen-Free Week has ended and I have to admit, it was a true test of endurance, inner strength and willpower. A bit dramatic, you might say? Not if you knew me.

As I’ve stated in the past, TV is my comfort, my education, my entertainment and my career. So vowing to turn off all TV screens in a house filled with boob-tubes would be quite a challenge.

Monday was a breeze.  My son had a Little League game and we came home at bed time.  I read longer to my son that night, and when I asked my husband about his day, I actually listened without keeping one eye on the screen. I felt attentive and engaged. It was strange lying in bed, in the dark, without Conan’s voice lulling me to sleep. But I was surprised how peaceful it was. And I liked it.

Tuesday morning was rough without the Today show to hand me my water cooler marching orders for the day.  But I learned a few things from my co-workers instead of Matt Lauer, so that was refreshing! And at home that evening, I recorded The Real Housewives of Orange County and told them they’d have to wait. They can be petty, but I think they understood.

Wednesday, Thursday – well, I have to admit I cheated and glanced at the TV in the morning while getting my kiddo ready for school.  What started as an innocent glance at the weather (a good mother has to know, right?) ended with me falling for a tease about the notorious Tan Mom… and I couldn’t turn away.

By Friday, I had completely given in to the devil on my shoulder telling me how well I’d done on Monday and Tuesday; how I needed to find out if the wife murdered her husband on 48 Hours Mystery, and that I could stop watching any time I felt like it. On Saturday morning, I wondered if there was a rehab program for addicts like me.

But by week’s end, I had gained insight into all I’ve been missing by being distracted by TV – extra snuggle time with my son, my husband’s work sagas and breaking news from my friends. So I’ve now resolved to give up TV one day a week… which just happens to be the same day none of my favorites are on. Baby steps.