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Paul Mooney Returns to Showtime

AMS Pictures’ Paul Mooney special It’s the End of the World! may have first aired back in 2010, but it’s still going strong on Showtime Networks! Running multiple times each month, the comedy television special can be seen late night on Showtime, Showtime 2, and Showtime Next.

Featuring Mooney’s racy and racially-charged stand-up act and filmed in Dallas’ world-renowned gentlemen’s club, The Lodge, Mooney lives up to his reputation as an equal-opportunity offender, launching scathing commentary on topics ranging from America’s first Black president to pop culture icons.

His irreverent humor, often laced with vulgarities and racial epithets, is on the surface biting and acerbic, yet stings with elements of truth. Underlying his lampoons of American history, race relations, politics and culture is a philosophy that subtly and sharply exposes hypocrisies and jabs at sacred cows. Mooney’s humor is not for the faint of heart, but those who dare endure his barbs will find some frank and fair observations of human nature lurking beneath. A legendary comic genius who elicits controversy with hard-hitting humor, Mooney’s personal brand of truth speaks to being Black in America and the heart of the struggle.

DVDs of this program can be purchased through the AMS Store. The DVD includes both the one-hour version broadcast on the Showtime Network, as well as a special extended, uncensored version and one-of-a-kind bonus features!