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Encountering the Blank Stare

Working in a creative industry, it’s easy to feel misunderstood at times. Whether your client is a television network executive or a corporate VP of marketing, most of us have, at one time or another, gotten that familiar blank stare when trying to describe something truly “out of the box” (I swore I was never going to use that term again; its very usage is so in the box).

Today I came across a CNN article that gives real insight into what the author calls “the natural bias against creativity.” If you’ve ever experienced a wee bit of frustration from a client who asks for creativity and then rejects creative ideas, this article may give you some perspective. And empathy.

It also reaffirms the blessings of being right-brained: “Creativity is not just about painting or drawing or art. It is about problem-solving. It’s the flexibility of your mind, the ability to see things that no one can see and envision something entirely different…and there is something incredibly empowering about that.”