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“Truely” Exciting Tales

“Downtown Dallas in 1963, was fantastic and sexy, like a party every night!” exclaims Nancy Myers. And she should know. Myers performed under the stage name “Tammi True” as the headliner at Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club on Commerce Street. “There were clubs, celebrities, and lots of people in the streets. It was so alive!”


Unfortunately, that soon changed. After Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, the alleged assassin of President John F. Kennedy, in the basement of the Dallas police headquarters, the Carousel Club found itself without an owner and without its star. I’ve always wondered, as many people have, why would Ruby risk everything to murder a man who was already in custody?

Now, almost 50 years later, we may find some answers. Myers will reveal everything she knows and has kept hidden from the press for a half century in AMS Pictures’ new docudrama: True Tales: Tammi True, Jack Ruby, and Murder in Dallas. The program, whose release is slated to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination in 2013, will incorporate a mix of reenactments and personal interviews.

After listening to Nancy’s interview at AMS Pictures, I am so excited to help bring her story to life. Her salty voice reflects the gritty, yet glamorous atmosphere of the 1960’s Dallas burlesque clubs. Back then, the girls were stars, and they were treated well. Myers recalls, “To Jack, respect was very important. Just because I was a stripper didn’t mean men could be disrespectful.”

I can hardly wait for everyone to hear the rest of Myers’ story, and working with her is going to be a real delight. It is refreshing to hear a new side of the assassination, one rarely examined. And Nancy isn’t holding anything back. Heck, she’s even showing off some of her old dance moves!

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