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DALLAS, TX – Jack Ruby, the Carousel Club, and the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald are at the center of AMS Pictures’ current docudrama, as told by Ruby’s headlining act – Tammi True, herself. The production is slated to be released near the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 2013.


For the first time, True is revealing the complete, unadulterated story of Jack Ruby and the events around the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald. True was not only the brightest star and headlining act of the Carousel Club, she was also the longtime companion of Jack Ruby’s best friend, Ralph Paul. Ruby once described Paul as the man who “knows more about me than anyone.”

This one-hour special will blend dramatic reenactments with archival footage and the definitive interview of Tammi True to answer the questions that have haunted us for years:

What was Jack Ruby’s connection to the mob? Which politicians frequented his clubs? What events led up to the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald? How did Jack Ruby get so close to the most wanted man in America? And why did Jack Ruby shoot Lee Harvey Oswald?

“I’m really excited to bring the mystique of 1960’s Dallasback to life through the eyes of Tammi True,” says Katie Dunn, Producer/Director of the reenactment-based program. “Her provocative stories shed a new light on the crime of the century.”

Executive Producer of the program and CEO of AMS Pictures, Andy Streifeld, agrees. “Tammi has kept secrets for close to 50 years, and now she has decided to finally tell the world what she knows – the truth about Jack Ruby. The mystery, the scintillating side of Dallas, and the scandals – finally, it will all come out.”

“There were always misconceptions about Jack. A lot of people got the idea he was a bad guy, a tough guy,” says True. “But he was always good to me. We were like family.”

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