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August 19, 2011
Contact: Jessica Schoenbaechler
Tel.: 214-646-9366
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DALLAS, TX –AMS Pictures’ most recent docudrama, FLIGHTMARES, will premiere on The Biography Channel at 9 PM CST on Sunday, August 28. FLIGHTMARES is a riveting look at the personal stories of the survivors of air disasters, including plane crashes, near misses, and other catastrophes that occur in the air. The program uses dramatic, first-person interviews and intense recreations to bring to life the most extreme moments of crisis and survival.

The pilot episode focuses on four survivors who relive their horrific experiences:

  • An uneventful flight turns deadly when Delta Flight 191 encounters severe weather upon approach to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. The plane crashes into a water tower, killing 135 people, but Johnny miraculously survives and must help rescue several injured passengers.
  • Doug, his wife, and two daughters are flying home from a funeral when the pilot of their six-passenger plane suffers sudden heart attack and dies. With the help of air traffic controllers, Doug must take control of the aircraft and land it safely before it spins from the sky.
  • Hobbyist pilot Monty is enjoying a Sunday afternoon flight when he finds himself nose-to-nose with a black constrictor snake. For several minutes, he struggles to keep the plane in the air while the snake coils itself around him.
  • Julia is flying home to Little Rock when American Airlines Flight 1420 overshoots the runway and crashes near the flooding Arkansas River. She escapes the burning plane only to find herself trapped on the riverbank shrouded in black smoke and deadly fumes.

“These are the amazing, death-defying journeys that tested the mettle of every person on board,” said Andy Streitfeld, Executive Producer of the program and owner of AMS Pictures. “The reenactments in this program are among the best on TV, and the effect is that viewers will be immersed in highly personal stories of extreme circumstances.”

AMS Pictures is a Texas-based creative media company, a full-scale production house that specializes in messaging solutions for corporate and broadcast clients, as well as public interest.  The Original Programming Department develops and produces compelling documentaries, dramatic reality shows, docudramas, and specials for cable networks like History, Biography, truTV, WEtv, HGTV, PBS, Showtime, and Veria.

Bio is owned by A+E Networks, a joint venture of The Hearst Corporation, Disney-ABC Television Group and NBCUniversal. Bio’s programming focuses on real people and their real lives: up close and personal, gritty and provocative, always unfiltered. Bio original series uncover the real drama in people stories: everyday situations with a twist; celebrities going off-script; people-centric crime stories and paranormal events. Bio proves that the truth about people is always more entertaining than fiction. The 24-hour network is now available in more than 47 million households.

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