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Our Top 10 Reasons to Visit Strokers Dallas

Ever heard of it?  If you’re a native of Dallas or seen the show Ma’s Roadhouse on truTV, odds are you have.  Strokers Dallas is a huge biker bar in the Lone Star State that’s unlike any other. Part motorcycle shop, bar, and tattoo parlor, the entire complex is owned and operated by Rick Fairless and his family. The daily mayhem and unforgettable characters of Strokers Dallas eventually led AMS Pictures to produce an entire reality series on it for truTV.


Recently, MSN named Strokers Dallas as one its top picks for reality TV destinations.  Since we’ve spent weeks and weeks out there putting together Ma’s Roadhouse, we’d love to let you in on why Strokers is such a great place to visit!  Here’s our top 10 reasons to visit Strokers Dallas!

  1. Rick Fairless is always there to shake your hand – just don’t try to hug him!
  2. See where our cameras caught all the action both inside and out
  3. Joel McHale from The Soup loved the show’s characters – especially Ma!
  4. Rick’s custom bikes on display
  5. Ma is even funnier in person! – and ask about her bologna sandwich!
  6. Ma yelling at the bartender when she doesn’t make her drink right
  7. Meet the real characters from the show Ma’s Roadhouse
  8. Lena (Rick’s daughter) is selling bikes now!
  9. Meghan (Rick’s trusty marketing guru) is always coming up with a reason to throw a party
  10. Get your motorcycle washed by bikini babes while you have a beer

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