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A Big Thanks to the I AM ALIVE Crew

I Am Alive: Surviving and Andes Plane Crash Crew

No big project happens unless many people contribute their “A Game.” I want to highlight just a few of the people at AMS Pictures who worked on I Am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash.


Eileen Yebwab, Project Manager – you were our original connection to Nando Parrado and  managed the CGI we used on the project. As busy as you are, you always made sure you had time for this project.

Ryan Sprinkle, Talent and Audio engineer – you took on the role of Nando as if you had been acting for years. Just think – millions of folks will watch this program and see you as the hero — not to mention all the great audio work you did.

Taylor Witt, DP and Effects Photography – you brought skill and passion to all the shoots you were on. You helped bring our reenactments to life  and created the most unique shot of all – the chair falling from the sky. If only you had been up in that chopper!

Brian McFarlin, DP for Chile and Uruguay – you were a great travel partner who handled lighting, audio and shooting — all that with a limited knowledge of Spanish!

Annie Stanley, Assistant Editor – you kept Brad organized, which is no small feat. In addition, you worked day and night to keep our acts posted, edited and organized. You really have grown in this project.

Jessica Schoenbaechler, Researcher & Producer – this project took so long that you were able to have a baby, come back and still spend several months on it! Your interview with Doc Johnson is superb. Sorry the Donner Party fell to the cutting room floor. They deserve their own special.

Katie Dunn, Associate Producer – you started this project with no real producing experience (at AMS Pictures). By the time we were done, you were managing most of our staff, producing our field shoots and keeping everything on track. Talk about learning on the job!

and Brad Osborne, Producer, Director, Editor – every time you take on a new project, you increase your ability to tell a great story. I had my doubts on how many reenactments we were going to be able to use. It’s really amazing what you did – the story plays as real as any movie!!!


  • October 22, 2010

    Id just like to say that I enjoyed contributing to this project as it involves my life long hobby of airplanes and my favourite plane, the FH-227.
    I enjoyed working with all of you!!!

    Cheers, Gary C. Orlando

  • October 23, 2010

    And we all thank YOU, Andy…for your creative vision, your outstanding leadership, your trust in your team, and most of all, for braving that helicopter shoot!!!


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