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You Want Me to Work on What???

So I’m finishing up nearly a year on a sweet show about well-to-do brides and their dream wedding gowns.  On our craziest day on the set of Girl Meets Gown, a bride might cry over a hefty price tag, a gown order may be switched or a stylist might call an MOB (Mother of the Bride) “difficult.” Ah, the zany world of reality TV.



At AMS Pictures, we producers work on what we’re given. So if a reality TV show about snails and their eating habits was handed to me from up-high, well… I’d just wind-up knowing a lot more about snails than I do now.  But I have to say, I almost feel guilty for the wonderful luck I’ve had here with reality TV projects.  So naturally, as the summer grew near, I wondered what I’d do next… a show on a gourmet donut shop where I’d get daily freebies?  A Caribbean travel show on exotic beaches?  How about a biker bar on Harry Hines Boulevard?  Uh, not what this African-American soccer mom had in mind.

But I have to say, producing the hit reality TV show Ma’s Roadhouse for truTV has been the most fun I’ve ever had “working” on a series.  The family who runs Strokers Dallas (on which the show is based) is the coolest, most easy going people I’ve ever met.

This summer, my editors, production crew and I have laughed until it hurt more times than we can count (just ask the poor accountants down the hall).  We got to witness a helicopter proposal, a jail break, a car that turns into a boat, magical brownies, men in bikinis, chocolate wrestling, a jello slip-n-slide, a prisoner’s squealing pet pig, a blind-folded tattoo contest and a crowd surfing health inspector. Pretty darned cool for reality TV.  And how was your summer?



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