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Discovering Film Footage

Producer Brad Osborne wasn’t sure what to expect when Andy Streitfeld, CEO of a Dallas-based commercial film production company, returned from Uruguay recently with an old reel of 16mm. Andes plane crash survivor and the hero of AMS’ current film production, Nando Parrado, uncovered the dusty, decades-old film from his attic in Montevideo.

Cautious about getting his hopes up, Brad dashed off to Filmworkers Club in Dallas to screen the 20 minutes of footage…and was stunned by what he saw: color footage from Los Maitenes, Chile, of Nando and fellow survivor Roberto Canessa during their rescue; color footage of the Old Christians rugby team prior to the crash; and exclusive interview footage of Nando following his return to civilization.

Brad dialed Andy immediately. “I think you found the holy grail!” he said.

This is not an exaggeration. This material has never been seen publicly, and it fills in a missing chapter in one of the greatest survival stories of all time.

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