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Interviews with Survivors of Andes Tragedy

Yesterday, we flew from Santiago, Chile, to Montevideo, Uruguay. It was very clear so we got a beautiful view of the Andes Mountains. We have come to Montevideo to film some last interviews and complete our research for I Am Alive: Nando Parrado’s Story.
Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay. About half the population of Uruguay lives in Montevideo. Its a very small country that depends on its neighbors – Argentina and Brazil – for much of its livelihood. Every meal here seems to include red meat.
Its amazing to think that all 16 survivors of the Andes crash still live in Montevideo – almost 40 years after the crash! We are staying in a hotel in the Carasco neighborhood where all the boys grew up.
Today, we interviewed an ex-pilot for the Uruguayan Air Force. He had done a lot of research related to the crash. He’ll make a good addition to the documentary.

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